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School Security | Child Safety | Student Protection

School Security

 According to the law, it is crucial for schools, colleges, universities, and educational institutions to have a well-established policy to deal with every security-related incident. A security policy should work in conjunction with a safeguarding policy, which addresses the threat of serious violence and implements measures to protect students.

Assuring the health, safety, and wellbeing of students as well as staff must be a part of these policies. In every institution, a competent person or team must be assigned to take the lead on the health, safety, and security aspects of the facility.

Learning institutions are open environments that welcome diverse people, making security a crucial aspect. For this reason, every educational institution is strongly advised to work with professional security personnel, private security companies, or local security experts.

Staff and, when necessary, students should assume personal responsibility for their own security as well as the security of others they work with or study alongside. In reality, staff and students alike are not always capable of assuming their personal security, especially in certain circumstances. With that being said, it becomes the primary responsibility of every educational centre to protect children, students, and staff from any possible threat.

Why Do Schools, Colleges, And Universities Need Security Guards?

 At Metropolitan Security Services, we assume the responsibility for school security, child safety, and student protection, as well as physically safeguarding educational facilities. As we consider every security policy of each educational institute, we work closely with the lead security members of the institute so as to guarantee student and staff safety at all times. We work together with local schools, colleges, and universities in London to provide school security guards, college security guards, and university security guards.


All our security guards are SIA licenced, certified, insured, qualified, and experienced enough to handle any security incident that might arise in schools, colleges, or universities.

Making use of emotional intelligence and strong interpersonal skills we inspect, monitor, and control any unusual activities among students, staff, and visitors that might jeopardise the security of any party within a school, college, or university.

Aside from acting as an extra set of eyes, providing consistent supervision, and being on the lookout for children, students, staff, or visitors that might compromise their own safety or the security of everyone around them, security guards serve a lot of purposes.

School, College And University Risk Assessments: Identifying Internal And External Security Risks

Every staff member and student have the right to work and learn in a safe and secure environment. Although schools, colleges, and universities remain among the safest environments, we should not ignore the threat and consequences posed by vandalism, arson, burglary, anti-social behaviours, drugs, theft, bullying, or a serious incident involving a weapon.

We live in a world of rapid changes, where security threats are becoming more prevalent and diverse. At Metropolitan Security Services we are tasked with considering and routinely reviewing security arrangements, policies, and plans for any institute we work with. This is to make sure every child’s, student’s, staff’s, or visitor’s safety is adequately secured.

While serious security incidents in schools and colleges remain relatively rare, we consistently carry out security and risk assessments and develop and put in place measures that are sensible and proportionate to the security threats identified.

By so doing, we prioritise school security, child safety, and student protection, as well as safeguarding assets within a learning facility. Get in touch now, and consult with our learning institutions’ security experts for free.

We schedule free one-on-one meetings for any London-based learning centre with our security experts. While we assist in evaluating the adequacy and appropriateness of your current security policies, we also carry out security and risk assessments and provide detailed reports on every security measure required to be in place.

Child Protection and Student Safety in Schools, Colleges, And Universities 

When it comes to school security, college security, and university security, child protection and student safety must be prioritised. As much as security incidents and threats vary in nature, children and students must be protected from every internal and external threat at all times.

The most crucial aspect of school security, college security, and university security would be securing the learning facility first. There are quite a number of recommended options that educational facilities can make use of to enhance their child protection and student safety security measures.

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1)  Securing Physical Entrances and Access Points 

Having security guards at the mobile or stationed at entrance, exit, and access points of a learning facility will deter criminals and trespassers.

As much as security guards will take the time to patrol the school parking areas, school grounds, classrooms, and the entire facility, this will control and reduce the risk of children and students becoming victims of external security threats.

The presence of security guards monitoring and inspecting anyone visiting a learning premise and making sure only authorised people are allowed within the premise will create a safe and secure learning environment for children and students.

2) CCTV Monitoring, Video Surveillance Operators, and Alarm Responses in Schools, Colleges, and Universities 

CCTVs, video surveillance, and alarm systems are among the most recommended options in schools, colleges, and universities to monitor, and protect children and students within learning facilities. At Metropolitan Security Services, we always make sure every security guard consistently goes through technical training so as to enhance their abilities of working with any latest security monitoring device.

Our security guards will take sole responsibility for cctv monitoring, video surveillance operations, and alarm response on a daily basis in schools, colleges, and universities. Whether it’s a burglary alarm, fire alarm, emergency alarm, or any other security alert, with child safety and student protection as our top priorities, our security guards are tasked with taking control of any security incidents in schools, colleges, and universities.

 3) Key holding and the locking and unlocking of schools, colleges, and universities 

For the sake of child security and student protection, it is crucial that only authorised people have access and the keys to the learning facility. Furthermore, it is strongly advised that schools, colleges, and universities work hand in hand with security guard companies like Metropolitan Security Services to strictly control who, when, and why certain individuals must be at a learning facility at certain times.

On a 24-hour basis, we offer schools, colleges, and universities hassle-free key holding services as well as the locking and unlocking of educational facilities at designated times.

Get in touch now to consult with our school security experts and check out all the options we have available for child safety and student protection. 

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