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7 Security Factors to Consider for Universities, Colleges, and Schools 

7 security factors to consider for univesities schools and collegies 1

Since educational institutions can host hundreds of pupils, students, and staff every day, it is necessary for every institution to have school security protocols in place to guarantee the safety and protection of everyone within the facility.

Schools, colleges, and universities accommodate a diverse group of people coming from different backgrounds, cultures, and ethics, and it is possible in such environments that staff, students, or pupils can pose harm to themselves or others around them for various reasons. 

Given that every educational facility’s behaviour and activity must be closely monitored, the police do not always have the manpower to ensure the safety of all students adequately in schools, colleges, and universities. It is of increasing importance that alternative school security solutions are found so that students can learn in a secure and safe environment. Most schools, colleges, and universities have seen an increase in anti-social behaviours such as gang culture, graffiti, bullying, abuse, and harassment, among other things. 

Impact of Lack of Security

Any institution that lacks security protocols will not perform to its full potential as the quality of education is directly determined by the performance of the staff, students, or pupils. This performance is improved when everyone is accommodated in an environment where they are safe, protected, and secured.

Any Institution That Lacks Security Protocols Will Not Perform To Its Full Potential

For more than 60 years in the security industry, we have worked with multiple educational institutions. From this experience, we know how each institution may require a unique solution above and beyond the general duties carried out by school security guards.

Get a free consultation with our educational security guard experts. Contact us right away! You will get a free risk and security assessment, plus a full detailed report on how best to improve performance with all the necessary security measures in place.

Professional Monitoring of Access Points

The premises must first be secured at all points of entry in order to prevent the intrusion of unauthorised visitors. The school, college, or university is able to identify every visitor by having fewer access points that are controlled by our security officers. In order to stop anyone trying to enter the institute without permission, security guards might either be stationary or mobile.

Security guards will patrol at entrance points inside the buildings, on the grounds, and even outside the premises. Patrols are also carried out in parking lots and other places where people who are not affiliated with the educational system are likely to congregate. Our security personnel have received training in front desk and concierge responsibilities, so we are able to assist with school security's daily operations in addition to keeping people secure.

Efficacious And Amiable Educational Security Guards

You need friendly and approachable education security officers that students and staff will come to trust and rely on, in addition to safeguarding your institution from damage. In the modern world, it’s impossible to predict what situations will develop or when they will, but our security guards have what it takes to deal professionally and head-on with any threats. Even students are often to blame for acts of violence and criminal activity that result in high fines for the school, college, or university they attend. Our committed and experienced team can help ensure that unfavourable situations are handled swiftly and effectively while also being able to assist visitors, staff, students, and pupils.

Staff Concern

As a school staff member, you expect your students to be in a secure environment while they’re at school. They should be safe when on school premises, so you shouldn’t have to worry about their safety. Additionally, learning is disrupted when teachers and students don’t feel safe. Sadly, we’ve seen a rise in internal security issues within learning institutes such as theft, burglary, vandalism, abuse and harassment, and it’s worth mentioning some disputes and conflicts which might end in possible violent cases within learning environments.

If your staff members are vulnerable to such insecurities, this means they cannot operate at the best of their performance. This affects the grades and the quality of education offered by your institution. Having proper security protocols in place, as well as professional educational security guards to enforce these protocols, would improve the quality and standards of education provided.

Close Monitoring of Abuse and Harassment

We can help minimise the chances of abuse assaults or attacks by putting preventative measures in place

Abuse and harassment come in various forms, and schools must deal with them. Both the attackers and the victims can be students or staff. We can help minimise the chances of abuse, assaults, or attacks by putting preventative measures in place.

Bullying occurs frequently among students at school. In the playground, arguments and violent confrontations frequently occur. A student being bullied would never perform well in their studies as it is a stressful and upsetting moment for the guardians and parents of the student.

When you utilise our security services, a trained educational security guard will be on hand to monitor the students, break up disputes, and notify the higher authorities about hostile students.

Weapons, Vandalism, Burglary, and Theft Control

If a weapon makes its way onto your campus, you want to ensure you have a trained professional equipped to handle that type of situation. For instance, a security officer would have the training and expertise necessary to attempt to disarm the attack by taking the weapon away. One of the key security threats that schools, colleges, and universities face is vandalism. Students are often the culprits during school hours.

When the school is closed, vandals frequently scale the fence, destroy playground equipment, spray-paint graffiti on the walls, damage windows, and other things. Like vandalism, burglary at schools, colleges, and universities is common. Expensive electrical equipment can be targeted by criminals. Petty burglars can try to make a brief entry to explore what’s on offer. Bikes are often stolen; mobile phones, stationary, laptops, and office equipment go missing.

We guarantee, with the presence of our specialised security officers, that none of these issues will concern you. We will provide security guards who are fully trained and equipped to handle such incidents professionally with as little disruption as possible.

Controlling drugs and alcohol

Drugs have become a major problem in schools, colleges, and universities. Students from a range of socio-economic backgrounds get mixed up with drugs. While others, in certain areas, are at risk from predatory county line dealers looking for vulnerable learners to manipulate. Illegal substances such as cocaine and weed are easily bought and sold without any security protocols to defend your institute from such activities and behaviours. It is very possible that your facility could suffer lifetime damage beyond repair.

Unlike any other general security guard, our educational security officers receive additional training that prepares them to identify, control, and deal with anyone under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or illegal substances.

Safety Assurance

Highly skilled and experienced school security officers can respond quickly and calmly in an emergency situation by relying on their training. All Metropolitan Security Officers have received first aid training, and they can provide care to anyone who is ill or injured until emergency services arrive.

Security guards can also lead students, teachers, and visitors to a safe area if the environment is unsafe. Perhaps most importantly, security officers can give parents and guardians who send their children to school peace of mind. Parents will know that their children are in a safe and secure learning environment since security guards can minimise the consequences of any incidents and keep the institution safe from intruders.

The Key Responsibilities of Educational Security Guards

  • To protect the security, safety, and welfare of the students and staff, they patrol the campus and its perimeter, as well as bus stops, parks, and other open areas.

  • Display ethical and professional behaviour in working with students, parents, school personnel, and outside agencies associated with the school, college, or university

  • Encourage student accountability for their behaviours and attitudes by setting an example and maintaining a professional appearance. Wear designated attire in a presentable manner during assigned work hours.

  • Intervene in circumstances that could lead to injury or disruption and instruct students to stop engaging in such behaviour.

  • ensure a smooth flow of students through the hallways, assisting students with on-time arrival to class and to assigned locations.

  • Certainly, assist with student monitoring throughout the morning arrival and afternoon dismissal of students, as well as during the breakfast and lunch periods.

  • Remove disruptive students from classes when needed. Provide assistance to staff, police, and other first responders to deal with crises or disruptive situations. help visitors with directions and secure proper identification. Intercept unauthorised visitors and escort them to the exits.

  • Report any discipline infractions, unauthorised visitors, and acts of vandalism to the building administration. Any emergency, potentially dangerous condition, or unexpected circumstance should be reported to the building administration, police, and/or appropriate emergency authorities.

  • If there is any indication of substance abuse, student abuse, serious medical or social circumstances, or those who appear to be under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances, or anabolic steroids, security would notify the appropriate authorities as soon as possible.

  • Patrol and monitor assigned school campuses in appropriate school security uniforms at night, on weekends and holidays to provide security and protection to students, personnel, equipment, and property.

  • maintain campus security and property protection against vandalism, unauthorised entry, fire, and theft; inspect buildings and grounds for security; water leaks, malfunctioning equipment, unauthorised visitors, and fire; and perform temporary repairs on school property and equipment as needed.

  • Enforce laws and regulations, respond to emergencies, and make contact with anyone on the school’s property or in the surrounding area to confirm visit authorisation. As needed, detect and report fire and safety hazards; respond to fire and burglar alarms; extinguish small fires; and communicate with police and fire department personnel.

  • In accordance with established protocols, prevent unauthorised parking, tampering with vehicles, and loitering in school parking lots. As needed, help with traffic and crowd management at special events.

  • Prepare and maintain a range of documents and reports pertaining to security-related issues, occurrences, risks, and actions; keep track of time cards and officer log sheets.

Contact Us

Despite this general overview of the 7 factors to consider for educational institutes, you can consult our construction security experts for free. They can perform a free risk and security assessment for your specific business model. While they work closely to attend to your request, they will provide you with a detailed report on how best to protect your business from every possible threat and the implementation of every necessary security measure.

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