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The Complete Guide to Business Security

The Complete Guide to Business Security scaled

In this modern business world, the reality is that the success of every business is determined by both financial and tangible growth. For this reason, businesses must prioritise creating more income streams, generating more profits, and business expansion by all means necessary.

Since modern day businesses face heavy competition from similar businesses within their industries of operation. In order to survive, businesses must work around and outrun their competitors in every way possible on a daily basis. In simple terms, every business is tasked with handling, maintaining and overcoming multiple forces of pressure on a daily basis. 

People are assigned to specific duties, positions, and roles, and their daily activities would structure the success and operations of any business organisation. The fact remains that the backbone of any business is characterised by human activities. These people are business owners, employees, and customers alike, while the success of every business is directly dependent on these people. In order to secure a business, you must prioritise the security of your employees and customers.

Businesses without security and protection protocols in place are likely to lose a lot of valuable assets

Now with this being said, if any business is not protected or properly secured, that business is vulnerable to failure. Businesses without security and protection protocols in place are likely to lose a lot of valuable assets, personnel, and clients. In the worst scenarios, they are likely to collapse or be forced to shut down.

If you are looking for the best ways to protect and secure your business while you focus on the growth and expansion of your business, then this guide is the perfect starting point. Alternately, you can consult with our business security experts for free, and they can help you with the implementation of every security and protection protocol required for your specific business model, which will spare you the trouble of going through losses, disruption, and possible shutdown brought about by leaving your business exposed to potential threats and harmful environments. Get in touch now! 

Technological Devices

If you are looking for security guards with enough knowledge

One of the most common and effective practices used by companies to improve security on their properties and working premises is by making use of technological devices. This can be done by activating alarm systems, CCTV cameras, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, drone cameras, among others.

Technological devices make it easy to detect, inspect, and monitor the security status of your business property at any time. But the fact still stands that with technological security devices alone, your business is only half-way secured, as there are certain actions and responses that need real human activity to guarantee 100% efficient security. 

Besides, for technological security devices to perform at their best, they need constant checking and maintenance, and they must be operated by professional SIA-licensed security guards with every necessary certificate, skill, and experience required.

The most effective way to ensure that your business is completely safe from any potential threat, risk, or danger is to implement a combination of both technological devices and security Personnel to protect your business. For more than 60 years, Metropolitan Security Services has been providing both commercial and residential security services to businesses in London, and organisations throughout the UK.

If you are looking for security guards with enough knowledge, skill, and experience to operate and work with any technological devices to ensure 100% protection and security of your business premises, then consult with our business security experts.

Manned Business Security Guards

One of the greatest advantages of having manned business security guards at your premises, is that these security guards will serve as an extra eye for your business. Without inspection or close monitoring, employees often take advantage of working hours to attend to their personal needs. This can have a huge negative impact on your business’s daily productivity operations, but with the presence of manned business security guards at your workplace, means that you can protect your business from enduring losses brought by such employees’ misbehaviour.

manned business security guards are the best way to control and manage employee theft

Besides, manned business security guards are the best way to control and manage employee theft, vandalism, and resolve potential misunderstandings and disputes among employees and even customers. Since we have worked with multiple businesses operating in different industries.

We know the importance of providing unique industry-specific security guards to every business. We have maintained our reputation for providing the best business security guards by working closely with each of our clients to provide bespoke security solutions, and we would be honoured to extend such a relationship to every client willing to join the Metro Family in partnership.

24 Hour Protection and Immediate Response

Now that you know how you can use technological security devices and manned security guards to improve the security of your business, the next step would be to partner up with a security guard company that serves your best interest and provides quality service for value. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best security provider for your business.

First, choose a private security company that can provide a 24-hour service. This means your business would be secure no matter what time of the day it is. The next thing to consider is the response time. How long does it take a security guard company to respond to your requests? These can be alarms or emergency security situations.

Check whether the security provider has keyholding services, so that you won’t have to worry about waking up to respond to late-night call duties. Do they have alarm response services with immediate response to emergencies, even on short notice? Is the security guarding company of your choice going to offer mobile patrol services with emergency back-up security guards in case of an emergency. Professional dog handlers and canine security services may serve as an added advantage in the event of possible searches such as building searches, personal searches, crowd control, narcotic detection, evidence search, door supervision, and security patrol.

At Metropolitan Security Services, we offer a comprehensive range of security services. These include 24-hour security and immediate response to emergencies, even on short notice. SIA licensed security guards, manned business security guards, mobile patrol services, key holding and alarm response, lock and unlock services. Canine security and dog handlers, among others.

Despite this, this is an overview of the entire business security guide. Get in touch with our business security experts and get a unique complete guide for your specific business model. They will perform a detailed risk and security assessment, and advise on every necessary security measure required to secure and protect your business.

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