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Supplemental Security Guard Services

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

supplement security guard services

When should you supplement your security?

Whenever your current security system fails to attend to your security requests, this is always a first sign that you need additional service to enhance your security. There are countless reasons why individuals and businesses might need to supplement their existing security systems. Some of the most common reasons are

1) Business Growth and Expansion

When a business grows, productivity increases along with the assets and properties. Likewise, the more a business expands its operations, the more it is likely to be exposed to more security threats. It is crucial for a business to maintain a security system as it grows, or else they risk losing their assets and properties. Whenever a business goes through the growth process, its current security systems will automatically become inadequate, necessitating the need to supplement these systems.

At Metropolitan Security Services, we work with multiple businesses from diversified industries, such as commercial real estate, hotels, resorts, construction, education, financial services, professional services, arts, culture, entertainment, accommodations, and food services, among others. We understand the principles of business growth and expansion, which is why we provide bespoke security solutions to supplement your existing security systems.

supplement security services

Our Team Is Among the Best in the Security Industry

Our team is among the best in the security industry. All our security guards are SIA licensed, certified, insured, qualified, and experienced, and they carry out their duties in line with the established British standards. We guarantee 100% security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with proven aptitude, a clean appearance, courteous manners, and the ability to manage the most challenging security situations. Even on short notice, we quickly respond to every security call of duty.

We understand that every business is unique and requires unique security solutions. For this reason, we consult with each client to design a customised service to meet their specific security requests. Whether you need to supplement your manned security guards, mobile patrols, key holding, alarm response, lock and unlock services, or security dog services, look no further than Metropolitan security services.

Contact us now, consult with our business growth and expansion security experts for free. They will help you set up all the necessary security protocols required to supplement your existing security systems. Furthermore, they can provide you with a free risk and security assessment session for your specific business as well as provide you with detailed security reports. If you’d like to meet with one of our security experts one-on-one, contact us right away, and we’ll set up a free meeting for you.

2) An Increase In Threats And Potential Criminalities

If assets and properties are in an environment where there has been an increase in security threats and potential criminalities, then you have every reason to supplement your existing security systems. Theft and vandalism are two examples of security threats and criminalities that can spread quickly without warning.

Prevention is always better than cure, and it is crucial that you protect all your assets and properties from criminality by all means necessary. Metropolitan Security Services offers a variety of security solutions to supplement your current security measures in the event of any unexpected rise in security threats and potential crimes.

In cases where primary security systems are CCTVs, surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and biometric access control. Metro Security officers are trained and equipped with enough knowledge, skill, and experience to reinforce these systems. Our security guards constantly go through technical training to keep them up to date with the latest security monitoring technologies. This means all our security guards are capable of working with and dealing with any security device, making them the first and best option for supplemental security guards.

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Mobile patrols

When you already have manned security guards and security monitoring devices as primary security solutions, then our mobile patrol services will be another option at your disposal to supplement your existing security solutions.

The presence of our marked mobile patrol vehicles constantly monitoring your premises and properties will deter any potential criminal offenders.

In addition to working together with the police and local authorities, our mobile patrol teams will carry out thorough inspections in search of any security breaches. If any security breach has been identified, our mobile patrol teams are tasked with immediately taking every possible action to protect your properties and assets and eliminate every security threat.

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Alarm Response

Likewise, our alarm response teams work hand in hand with our mobile patrol teams, and they adhere to the policy of responding to every security incident in the shortest space of time possible. We guarantee that you won’t have to worry about responding to late-night duty calls when you work with Metropolitan Security Services to supplement your alarm response security.

Canine Security

We offer security dog services along with professional dog handlers as an alternative to mobile patrols and other security services. Canine security is one of the most recommended security reinforcement solutions to enhance the effectiveness of manned security guards and security monitoring devices.

Security dogs are the most effective solution to search for, detect, and eliminate potential crimes on your properties and premises. Our goal is to provide first-class security and protection. For this reason, we will provide highly trained security dogs accompanied by qualified, experienced, and certified dog handlers to protect your assets and properties.

3) Unexpected Situations and Security Emergencies

Security emergencies can occur without notifications, especially on short notice. But when they occur, none of your properties or assets should be left vulnerable to any risk or threatening environment. Metropolitan Security Services understands that emergencies can happen at any time, so we provide 24-hour emergency backup security services on short notice. Whenever your existing security solutions have failed to respond to your request, it is our responsibility to ensure that none of your properties or assets are jeopardised.

Whenever the security of your properties and assets gets compromised or becomes inadequate as a result of security emergencies, look no further than Metropolitan Security Services for supplemental security solutions. Our emergency backup reinforcement security teams are always available at your disposal whenever you need them; all you have to do is contact us.

Contact our free emergency security experts now, learn more about how you can reap the benefits of working with us. We adhere to the strict policy of responding to every security emergency with immediate action.

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