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Security Solutions for Housing Associations

security solutions for housing associations

"Why Is Security Crucial to Housing Associations?"

It is undeniable that housing associations play crucial roles in accommodating thousands of people in communities by providing affordable housing. In order to provide good service, housing associations are responsible for attending to the needs of their tenants, such as making repairs and housekeeping.

Registered social landlords are responsible for taking into account the protection, safety, and security of their tenants.

Any premises, regardless of its function, are vulnerable to several forms of risk. Which is why Metropolitan Security Services is working together with housing associations to support local communities in creating safe and secure living environments.

We provide bespoke security services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, taking into account budgetary constraints and developing preventative solutions and action plans to mitigate the risks associated with crime, such as property theft and anti-social behaviours.

All our security guards are SIA-licensed, qualified, certified, insured, and experienced enough to attend to and take control of any security situation that may arise at a residential premise. We value social values and ethics, which is why we offer security guards with excellent interpersonal skills capable of using emotional intelligence to detect, inspect, and monitor unusual activities. Aside from performing regular patrols to deter and control potential crimes, our security guards will be solely responsible for working with security monitoring devices such as alarm systems, CCTVs, motion detectors, and biometric authenticators, among others.

Get in touch now. Consult with our security experts for free. Get a free security and risk assessment along with a detailed report of security measures required to secure your specific residential premise. Alternatively, set up a free meeting and meet with our security experts.

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Improving Living Standards

When we work with private registered providers of social housing, our security guards will take on the responsibility of improving the living conditions for tenants on behalf of housing associations. For example, if our security officers detect dampness, mold, leaks, or electrical faults, they will immediately notify the appropriate authorities. This means the presence of metro security officers making regular patrols and inspections in search of any possible risk, that might affect the wellbeing of tenants will mitigate tenants’ complaints and dissatisfactions.

Metro security guards will conduct thorough inspections daily to look for any security breaches on your premises, and if any are discovered, they will take immediate action to eliminate any threats and restore your premises’ security status.

In large estates, housing associations are responsible for accommodating different families from different social backgrounds, and obviously, in some cases, some families might have anti-social behaviours that might affect the neighbouring families. It is necessary for housing associations to work with security guards with enough social and emotional intelligence to detect, identify, monitor, and control antisocial behaviours.

Attention To Minor Grievances and Information Dissemination

To provide tenants with better service, housing, and living conditions, housing associations must pay close attention to feedback and complaints. Private registered providers of social housing can improve the quality of their service by attending to grievances and resolving complaints from tenants. Security guards can serve as an extra set of eyes and ears for registered social landlords.

One of the primary duties of security officers working with housing associations is to make use of their excellent interpersonal skills to engage in conversations, including listening to petty grievances, complaints, and feedback from tenants. Information and feedback are crucial to housing associations, as they will point out specific areas in need of improvement.

When a housing association consistently uses this information to improve areas of weakness, their service will improve as well as their reputation. Attending to tenants’ grievances builds up trust, hence creating strong relationships between tenants and registered social landlords. When housing associations and tenants create strong bonds, this means the associations will mitigate losses and unnecessary expenditures on their properties, which might be brought about by unhappy or dissatisfied tenants. On behalf of the housing association, Metro security guards will pay attention to tenants’ minor grievances, submitting the information to the appropriate authorities of the association.

security guards will serve as an extra set of eyes and ears for housing associations

Theft And Vandalism

Dealing with theft and vandalism is one of the most common challenges faced by registered social landlords on their premises. Theft and vandalism can be either external or internal. Internal theft and vandalism involve tenants stealing from their neighbours and the destruction or misuse of housing association property by tenants, whereas external theft and vandalism would be carried out by intruders or non-tenants.

These criminally unacceptable activities have a huge negative economic impact on private registered providers of social housing and can result in major setbacks. But housing associations can save their organisations a great deal of money, property, and assets from theft and vandalism by working together with a local private security guard company like Metropolitan Security Services to safeguard and protect their premises.

Besides working with security monitoring devices to control and monitor vandalism and theft, working together with the police and local authorities enables us to guarantee 100% complete security and protection against theft and vandalism

Making use of security guards to safeguard and protect the security of tenants and properties is one of the most cost-effective ways for housing associations to improve their services. At Metropolitan Security Services, we serve and assist in building safe and secure living conditions for our communities. Which is why we have special security solutions for housing associations.

Whether an association is managing large estates to accommodate families, small facilities to cater for the elderly, or homeless hostels, whatever purpose it serves, we offer non-budget constraining solutions. We understand how housing associations’ security requests are unique and determined by the purpose they serve. As a result, we work closely with each association to develop and provide a bespoke security service. Get in touch now to consult with our housing association experts for free. As they can provide you with a detailed report of all the security measures required to improve and secure your services.

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