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London Security Guard Hire: Facts to Consider

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Hiring a security guard service in London: Facts to Consider

Facts To Consider  When Hiring A Security Guard

From petty crimes to organised crimes, health and safety hazards, and unforeseen certainties, businesses and individuals face security threats daily. Because of this, hiring a security guard service in London has become crucial to protecting assets and properties.

But with countless options available to choose from, it can be overwhelming for a business or an individual to make the correct choice. With over 65 years of combined experience, the security professionals at Metropolitan Security Services guarantee the provision of tailored comprehensive security guard solutions. Contact us.

Over the years, we have encountered businesses and individuals regretting hiring incompetent security guards and implementing inadequate security solutions. Besides resolving inconveniences caused by other security service providers, we prioritise building real and lasting relationships with clients. With that being said, we will outline and briefly explain Facts to Consider When Hiring Security Guards

Crucial Advice When Hiring A Security Guard In London

  1. Evaluations: Trusted security guard agencies always provide security and risk assessments beforehand.

  2. Credibility: Reliable security guard service providers will prioritise meeting clients when necessary.

  3.  Eligibility: Legitimate security service providers are registered, licenced, qualified, and insured, as are their services.

  4. Reputation: security guard companies that maintain a good reputation will maintain your reputation as well.

  5.  Experience: security guard agencies with vast security experience will offer only experienced security guards to serve.

  6. Response: Your properties and assets are exposed to fewer risks when they receive immediate responses to every security incident.

  7. Availability: When working with a 24/7 security services provider, there is no doubt you have protection around the clock.

Before you continue reading, keep in mind that we offer free security consultations. You can possibly request a free meeting with our London security experts. We schedule free one-on-one meetings with clients and business executives in London. Get in touch now to book a free consultation or request a meeting.

Since we prioritise professionalism and quality in providing security services, we also carry out security and risk assessments. We do this to evaluate the appropriateness of your current security measures. Following evaluations, we provide detailed security reports designed to address specific security requests. Further from reports and evaluations, we take action to enhance your existing security or supplement it if necessary. Get in touch now and find out more.

Not Every Security Guard Is Suitable For Every Task

The term “security guard” is more of an umbrella term that covers a lot of aspects in a nutshell. Before choosing a security company, a security agency, or hiring a security guard, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. Purpose: Why are you hiring a security guard

  2. Period: For how long do you need the service of a security guard?

  3. Premise: What kind of premises will the security guard be guarding

  4. Service: What are your general expectations from the security guard?

Not every security guard would be suitable for every security task at hand. For example, you can’t hire concierge security guards for public events. Likewise, you cannot hire a retail security guard for guest security duties. Before you hire any security officer for certain purposes, we first closely consult with you to understand your reasons. Our security experts will then handpick security officers specifically fit for your security requirements.

At Metropolitan Security Services, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all security solutions. But instead, we tailor every security service to address your security needs. It is among our top priorities to offer bespoke security guarding services throughout London.

Whether you are hiring security guards for long-term contracts, security officers for short-term services, supplementary security guarding services, on-short-notice security guards, emergency backup security guards, or a once-off security guard service, look no further than Metropolitan Security Services. On a 24-hour basis, we offer comprehensive security guarding solutions to London businesses and individuals regardless of a service time frame

24/7 Security Guard Hiring And Bespoke Security Guard Services In London

Depending on the nature of the premise to be safeguarded, the type of security guard to hire will differ. For example, you cannot hire a door supervisor to monitor an industrial site. With more than 65 years of combined experience, we have provided London with residential, commercial, and industrial security guards. We guarantee the provision of residential security guards, commercial security guards, and industrial security guards adequately equipped to safeguard a specific premise.

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There is no one-size-fits-all security solution at Metropolitan Security Services. Our residential security guards constantly go through training to enhance their abilities to safeguard residential properties. This applies to all our industrial and commercial security guards as well.

Get in touch with us now if you need to hire security guards with specific expertise in safeguarding specific premises.

In as much as we provide security services in line with established British standards, offering security guards with courteous manners, remarkable behaviours, a presentable appearance, and strong interpersonal skills.

We still prioritise exceeding our clients’ expectations. With constant professional contact with every client and business executive, we work around the clock to provide 100% guaranteed peace of mind and protection of properties and assets in London. Keeping in mind our clients’ expectations, security requests, and specific needs, protection is always our priority.

Comprehensive Security Guarding Solutions Are Available Even on Short Notice

From vacant property inspections, cctv monitoring, video surveillance operations, alarm response, key holding, mobile patrols, locking and unlocking premises, canine security services, SIA-licensed security officers, door supervisors, security dog handlers, event security guards, reception security guards, concierges, and guest security officers, to static security guards and other services, we tailor each of our security guarding services to fit your requirements.

Our team is among the most experienced within the security industry, and we proudly offer only insured, certified, qualified, and skilled security personnel capable of swiftly dealing with any security incident. Whether it is retail security, construction security, warehouse security, cooperative security, estate security, home security, security for educational centres, security for health centres, security for food and beverage facilities, hotel security, or parks and recreation centre security, we offer first-rate industrial-specific security guards.

Get in touch now and consult with our security experts. They will assist you in picking the perfect security guards to hire for your needs. We are always available on a 24-hour basis to assist with any security-guarding-related issues. Waste no more time and talk to a security professional now.

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