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How Our Reception Security Personnel Can Aid Your Business

Your hotel or company reception is the entryway to your business, where customers and clients necessarily pass through here before they can explore the rest of the building. As such, it is essential to create a space that is both safe and welcoming, so that guests receive a strong first impression of your company.


In order to protect your visitors, you may wish to invest in professional reception security, where these employees will work to welcome your guests whilst also keeping everyone safe. We provide well-trained reception security officers to a variety of businesses, helping you to achieve the right balance between safety and good customer service.


Read on to find out more about our reception security services, with a look at how our staff can help your business.

Providing A Warm Welcome

Our security personnel are trained to provide a warm welcome to your guests whilst also preserving strict security standards. This means that our staff will be presentable, helpful and willing to assist authorised personnel as they enter the building. As such, your customer service standards won’t be compromised by improved security.

Keeping Records

Additionally, our staff will be able to keep a thorough record of who leaves and enters your building throughout the day. This is essential for monitoring when guests and clients arrive, as well as when it comes to making sure that unwanted visitors are not making it past reception.

Patrolling Your Site

Beyond the front desk, our security teams will also be able to provide an essential patrol service. This includes checking your building and the surrounding grounds for intruders, where this can be carried out alongside everyday reception services.

Handling Emergencies

Most importantly, our security officers will be able to respond quickly and effectively in an emergency situation. This may include responding to alarms, investigating disturbances and assisting with evacuations, helping to keep customers and clients safe at all times. As such, your staff can focus on their own wellbeing whilst the professionals deal with any intruders.

Metropolitan Security: Reception Personnel Trained To Protect Your Building

Our reception security officers are trained to handle intruders and provide a warm welcome to authorised guests, where we believe a concierge service should combine these two elements in order to meet the needs of your company.


Our reception security staff are trained to work in a wide range of sectors, including corporate offices, commercial properties, concert halls and hospitality venues. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how our security personnel can assist your business.

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