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How Much Do Security Guarding Services Cost for Housing Associations?

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

How Much Do Security Guarding Services Cost for Housing Associations

Investing in professional security guarding services is a crucial step for housing associations to ensure the safety and protection of their residents and property. While the cost of security guards can vary based on factors such as the number of guards, frequency of service, skillset, and location, it is essential to choose a trustworthy and reliable security provider.

Metropolitan Security Services stands out as a reputable company that offers comprehensive security solutions tailored to the specific needs of housing associations. By prioritising safety, providing experienced guards, and offering tailored security solutions, Metropolitan Security Services is the ideal partner for housing associations seeking affordable and effective security solutions.

In general, a security guard service can range from £10 to £35 per hour or more, depending on several factors and specific requests. unlike general security It is advisable that housing association professionals work with actual pricing and figures when it comes to security questions. One of the most recommended options is to consult with social housing security experts. Get in touch now to consult with housing association security experts for free.

It is crucial to keep in mind that we have a team of security professionals readily available to assist you every time. Further, you can schedule a one-on-one meeting or security and risk assessments with our housing association security experts. Apart from evaluating the appropriateness of your current security measures and providing detailed reports as well as pricing, we prioritise quality and professionalism in our service. Get in touch now to find out what options are available for you to secure your housing association.

Understanding the Factors Influencing Security Guarding Services Cost:

Several factors impact the cost of security guarding services for housing associations. Let us explore the key considerations:

1. Number of Security Guards:

- The number of security guards required will depend on the size and layout of the housing association premises, as well as the specific needs and concerns.

- Larger associations may require more guards to adequately cover the premises and ensure comprehensive security.

2. Frequency and Duration of Service:

- The desired level of security will vary. Some associations may choose to have security guards present on a 24/7 basis, while others may opt for specific shifts or only during high-risk periods.

- The more hours of service required, the higher the cost is likely to be.

3. Skillset and Experience:

- The qualifications and skillset of security guards can impact the cost. Highly trained and experienced guards may come at a higher price.

- Metropolitan Security Services prides itself on providing professional security guards who undergo rigorous training and have extensive experience in the field.

4. Technology and Additional Services:

- Additional services, such as CCTV monitoring, access control systems, and alarm response, may be offered by security companies at an additional cost.

5. Location:

- The location of the housing association can also influence the cost of security guarding services.

- Different areas may have varying levels of risk, which may affect the pricing of security services.

The Value and Benefits of Professional Security Guarding Services:

Investing in professional security guarding services brings numerous benefits to housing associations. Here are a few key advantages:

1. Enhanced Safety and Protection:

- Professional security guards provide a visible presence that deters criminal activity and ensures the safety of residents and their property.

- Metropolitan Security Services offers extensively trained security guards who have the skills to handle and respond to security incidents effectively.

2. Proactive Risk Management:

- Security guards are trained to identify potential risks and take preventive measures to mitigate them. Their presence helps in creating a safer environment and reducing the likelihood of incidents.

3. Peace of Mind:

- By having trained security personnel on site, housing associations can provide their residents with a sense of security and peace of mind.

- Metropolitan Security Services emphasises customer satisfaction and offers reliable security solutions tailored to the specific needs of housing associations.

4. Emergency Response:

- Security guards are equipped to handle emergencies promptly and efficiently. They are trained in first aid and can coordinate with emergency services if needed.

- Metropolitan Security Services prioritises the safety and well-being of housing association residents, ensuring swift response in case of emergencies.

How to Ensure Value for Money with Security Guarding Services

Ensuring value for money with security guarding services for housing associations is an important consideration. By setting clear goals and objectives, choosing a reputable security provider, investing in technology, considering the long-term costs, and negotiating the cost where possible, you can ensure that you are getting the best possible value for your security investment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your security goals while staying within budget.

At Metropolitan Security Services, we understand that ensuring value for money is a top priority for our clients. That is why we offer a comprehensive range of security guarding services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether you are looking to improve the safety and security of your housing association, or you are looking for a cost-effective solution to protect your properties and residence, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals.

Setting Clear Goals and Objectives: Before we begin any security guarding service, we work with our clients to understand their specific needs and objectives. We take the time to listen to our clients and ask the right questions to ensure that we understand their requirements and can tailor our services accordingly.

Regularly Reviewing Service Quality: We understand that the quality of our security guarding services is critical to the safety and security of our clients. That is why we regularly review the quality of our service to ensure that it meets our clients' expectations. We use a range of tools and techniques to monitor and evaluate the performance of our security guards, including regular check-ins, customer feedback, and performing continuous security and risk assessments.

Comprehensive Risk Assessments for Housing Associations:

Security guard services for housing associations

Metropolitan Security Services understands that each housing association has distinct security challenges. Conducting a thorough risk assessment helps identify vulnerabilities and tailor security solutions accordingly. By having professional security guards on-site, housing associations can minimise potential damages, theft, and vandalism. This saves housing associations money by avoiding costly repairs and replacements.

Customised Security Plans for social housing providers:

Metropolitan Security Services works closely with housing associations to develop tailored security plans that address specific needs. By offering personalised services, the cost of security guarding can be optimised to ensure value for money. Knowing that a reputable security company like Metropolitan Security Services is monitoring the premises creates a sense of peace and reassurance for residents. Prompt response to incidents and a proactive approach in preventing security breaches contribute to a peaceful living environment.

We understand the importance of fostering positive relationships within housing associations. Our security guards are trained to provide friendly and approachable service, creating a sense of community and trust among residents. Investing in professional security guarding services is essential for housing associations to ensure the safety and protection of their residents.

By understanding the factors that influence security guarding costs and selecting a reliable provider like Metropolitan Security Services, housing associations can ensure value for money. With comprehensive risk assessments, customised security plans, and trained security personnel, Metropolitan Security Services is committed to providing cost-effective security solutions tailored to the unique needs of housing associations. Get in touch now to consult with our housing association security experts for free.

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