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Hire Security Guards on Short Notice in London 

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Hire Security Guards On Short Notice 24/7 In London

 There are countless reasons to hire security guards on short notice in London. For example, security emergencies occur without notification, even on short notice, and can affect any business or individual. In reality, businesses and individuals encounter various security incidents nearly on a daily basis. While some security incidents are general and can be foreseen, others are unpredictable and unique. Unforeseen security uncertainties can cause severe damage to any business or individual, especially without a backup plan. For this reason, Metropolitan Security Services is an active backup security solution in such incidents.

Whether you need to hire a security guard on short notice, supplementary security guarding services, immediate backup security guards, urgent security guards to handle a short task, or any security guard service for an emergency, look no further than Metropolitan Security Services.

Besides offering long-term security guard services, we also specialise in handling emergency security situations. With a team of SIA-licenced, experienced, insured, qualified, certified, and professional security guards, we guarantee adequate protection.

We prioritise immediate responses to emergencies since delayed responses always jeopardise the security of properties and assets. With 65 years of combined experience from security professionals, we guarantee 24/7 immediate security responses in London.

Urgent Security Guard Hiring

Get in touch and request on short notice security guard services. Alternatively, you can consult our security experts for free to find out more about hiring security guards on short notice. Every business is unique, and so are its security requirements and incidents. Besides offering free security consultations, we schedule one-on-one meetings with clients and business executives in London. In addition to meetings and consultations, we perform security and risk assessments, evaluating the appropriateness of your existing security measures. After the security evaluation, we supplement or enhance your existing security if necessary. 

London Metropolitan Security Guards in Action

When hiring a security guard in London, there is no “one size fits all.” For this reason, we specialise in tailor-made security guard hire services. From hiring security guards for short contracts to hiring security officers for long-term services or a once-off security guard service, we offer bespoke security guarding solutions.

Depending on your specific security requests, we handpick security guards perfectly fit for the task at hand. From CCTV monitoring and video surveillance operations to door supervision, alarm response, and property inspections, we offer security guards for hire capable of multitasking. Get in touch now to hire security guards perfectly fit for your specific security requests.

24/7 Emergency Security Guarding Services

Besides 24/7 security guards for hire in London, we offer comprehensive security guarding services. Vacant property inspections, mobile patrols, key holding services, lock and unlocking of premises, canine security, professional security dog handling, static security guards, reception security, concierge and guest security, and event security are among our services.

All our security guards prioritise the provision of quality service in line with established British standards. Our team also prides itself on proven aptitude, a clean appearance, courteous manners, and their ability to manage the most testing security situations.

From corporate security, estate security, home security, and retail security to security for financial institutions, security for educational facilities, hotel security, restaurant security, health care facility security, office security, car park security, private security, security for parks and recreation centres, warehouse security, construction security, and conference security, we have been providing first-rate security guarding services throughout London.

Every business or private premises, regardless of purpose, can encounter security uncertainties. This is why at Metropolitan Security Services; we work closely with every client and business to provide bespoke industry-specific security solutions. Since we have been working with multiple businesses from diversified industries, we understand the need to provide industry-specific security guards for hire.

Security Advice and Basic Tips to Safeguard Properties and Assets

Get in touch now and consult with our security experts for free. Regardless of which industry your business operates in, we tailor each of our security guard services to meet your needs. Waste no more time and take advantage of our generous offers to reap all the benefits of working with Metropolitan Security Services. Look no further and contact our London security experts to find out which options are available for you.

Now, with that being said, here are a few security tips and advice to help you safeguard assets and properties. 

1) Access restrictions: 

Always make sure you have strict access restrictions to any areas on your premises that might possibly jeopardise your security. These might be security control rooms, CCTV rooms, electrical control rooms, safes, or chemical storage rooms. Always make sure only authorised individuals have access to crucial areas of your premises, or alternatively, hire a security guard to monitor and control crucial areas of your premises for you.

2) Secure every point of entrance and exit

Gates, doors, windows, garages, and loading zones must always be kept closed whenever not in use. If any exit or entrance is in constant use, it is advisable to keep it actively monitored. Monitored points of exit and entrance are less vulnerable to trespassing; even criminals are discouraged from targeting monitored premises.

Hiring a security guard to monitor exit and entrance points is one of the most recommended options, while making use of alarms, cctvs, video surveillance, or biometric authenticators are also recommended options to secure points of exit and entrance.

3) Patrols, security, and risk assessments 

Regularly patrol your premise in search of any security breaches or weak points. Since criminals are always on the lookout for weak points in your security to gain access to your assets and properties, it is strongly advised to perform regular security evaluations. After evaluations, always secure every point of weakness.

Alternatively, you can hire Metropolitan Security guards to handle patrols, security, and risk assessments for you. The presence of security guards on your premises will deter criminals and discourage trespassing-related activities. Besides monitoring, inspecting, and patrolling your premises, there are countless benefits to having security guards on duty.

Contact Us

At Metropolitan Security Services, we are always available 24 hours a day, on a daily basis, to assist you with any security-related issues. Get in touch now to get assistance with your security concerns. We are available at your service, even on short notice.

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