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Criminal Offences VS Security Defences | Protective Tips & Safety Advice

Criminal Offences VS Security Defences

Protection Advice, Safety Tips, and Free Consultations

Whenever criminals offend against you, you must defend yourself against any crime. Sadly, everyday criminals are always searching for opportunities to commit crimes against you, your properties, your assets, or your business.

Regardless of who you are or what you do, criminals will always take advantage of any security vulnerabilities to target you and your property to carry out their intended crimes. which is why you need adequate security defences against possible criminal offences.

Before you continue reading, keep in mind that any residential or commercial property can be subject to a criminal offence, regardless of its purpose. From general theft, burglary, organised robberies, employee theft, vandalism crimes, destruction of property, vehicle-related theft, car park slot crimes, and workplace violence to trespassing, knife crimes, and anti-social behaviour, there are countless examples of criminal offences.

Depending on the purpose and function of any premise, be it residential or commercial, it is necessary to defend it. Since criminal offences vary in nature with regards to a specific targeted business or residence, there is no “one size fits all” security solution. Every security defence option is designed to address a specific criminal offence.

Bespoke Defence Security Options Against Specific Criminal Offences

Metropolitan Security Services will take sole responsibility for performing security and risk assessments on your premises. After identifying every security vulnerability and evaluating the appropriateness of your existing security measures, we provide every security protocol enhancement where necessary. While we guarantee the provision of 24-hour bespoke security guarding services, we offer free security consultations.

We schedule free one-on-one meetings with every client and business executive in London to address their specific security requests in detail. Get in touch now to consult with our security experts for free. Reap off all the benefits and advantages of working with Metropolitan Security Services, tailored to attend to your specific needs in detail.

Bespoke security

Top 10 Security Tips and Advice Against Criminal Offences in London Explained

  1.  Install CCTV, alarm systems, video surveillance, security lighting, motion sensors, and security monitoring devices.

  2. Utilise physical security measures like Dura wall’s, fencing, electrical fences, barbed wire, razor wire, spikes, and natural fencing.

  3.  Work with security experts to work with and handle CCTV monitoring, video surveillance operations, alarm responses, key holding, property inspections, security patrols, as well as the locking and unlocking of a premise.

  4.  Utilise information and resources from local crime watch communities and forums to identify common criminal offences within your specific location.

  5. Perform regular security and risk assessments on your premise and supplement, upgrade, or enhance every security measure where necessary.

  6. Adequately secure access points, entrances, and exit points; reinforce windows with burglar bars; upgrade the security locking on doors; as well as your security gates.

  7. Securely close every gate, door, window, exit, and entrance when they are not in use.

  8. Utilise canine security, mobile patrols, and the services of professionally licenced dog handlers as active crime deterrent options.

  9. Hire security guards to inspect, monitor, control, and eliminate crime on your premises around the clock.

  10. Access restrictions only allow authorised individuals to certain specific areas of your premises, which may compromise your security.

Electronic Security Monitoring VS Security Guards

The reason for having a security system is to adequately safeguard your property and assets. The most important question is, “Which security system guarantees the best protection for your interests?” To begin, we will briefly compare two major security systems: security guards and security monitoring devices.

Firstly, without dispute, security monitoring devices are the best option for detecting and monitoring crimes on your premises. They are the quickest to alert you of any criminal offence occurring on your premise. When it comes to crime notification, these systems are fast, effective, and timesaving. However, in reality, crime notifications and alerts alone are not enough.


There is a need to prevent a criminal offence from occurring. This is where security guards take the lead when it comes to crime control, prevention, and elimination on your premises.

Unlike programmed devices, security guards will take every necessary action to stop a crime, with the ability to promptly respond appropriately to every unique security incident.

despite monitoring, inspecting, and eliminating crimes through physical techniques. Security guards are more effective, qualified, licenced, skilled, experienced, and certified in working with and dealing with electronic security monitoring systems as compared to doing it yourself.

Working with Local Security Experts and Registered Security Companies

It is worth mentioning that there are countless benefits to working with local security experts or local registered security guard companies like Metropolitan Security Services. Besides taking advantage of our immediate alarm response services, we also offer mobile patrols, canine security services, insured SIA-licenced security guards, door supervisors, reception security, event security, static security guards, key holding services, lock and unlocking services, and vacant property inspections.

We specialise in and prioritise developing unique, bespoke security solutions for your specific security requests. This means we always have an adequate security solution for every business or individual in any given circumstance, even on short notice. Get in touch now. Consult with our security experts to find out what options we have for you. 

Alternative Security Options Explained

Utilising physical security measures like Dura walls, fencing, electrical fences, barbed wire, razor wire, spikes, and natural fencing will discourage criminals from easily targeting your premise. This type of security measure is more effective in reducing and controlling external security threats for industry, commercial, and residential premises. These systems are mostly considered the first line of defence against security offences and are the most recommended primary security options.

Now, if you have adequate physical security measures protecting your premises, the next step is to adequately secure every entrance and exit point. Always make sure gates, exits, and points of entry are kept locked when they are not in use, as this will discourage trespassing and unauthorised visits. Depending on the size and purpose of your premise, security guards can be handy in monitoring and inspecting gates, exits, and entrance points.

Staying up to date with local security and crime updates is one of the most overlooked defensive security options against criminal offences. It is crucial to be aware of criminal offences that are mostly committed within your local region, as well as the best protection options against such offences. Joining local anti-crime forums, online social crime watch communities, and participating in local security and crime watch communities would be the best options to stay up to date on how to handle criminal offences committed around you.

Working with Metropolitan Security Services | Local London Security Experts

Local Security

At Metropolitan Security Services, we work together with the local crime watch communities, local authorities, local emergency services, and the local police. We do this to guarantee that not even a single local security offence can stand a chance against any defensive security measure we design to safeguard your property and assets.

With more than 60 years of combined experience, our security professionals have managed to provide reputable local security services such as cooperative security, residential security, commercial security, industrial security, retail security, warehouse security, hotel security, security services for recreational sites, school security, estate security, security services for banks, security services for health facilities, concierge security, guest security, reception security, and event security, among others, to both individuals and local businesses within London. 

Whether you are looking for once-off security guarding services, a long-term security contract, a short-term security solution, an immediate security service on short notice, a backup security system, or any supplementary security solutions to enhance your existing security measures, look no further than Metropolitan Security Services. Get in touch now.

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