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Crime In London Is Unacceptable | Security and Crime Control 


As we work together with the Metropolitan Police to tackle violence, crime, and anti-social behaviour in London. We strictly adhere to the policy of zero tolerance for any sort of criminality.

Crime is unacceptable and should be eliminated or controlled at all costs, especially in London. For this reason, we assume the responsibility of protecting assets and properties on both residential and commercial premises on a 24-hour basis.

Now with that being said, we will outline the top 10 most common crimes in London and local areas as well as security advice against these sorts of crimes.

Top 10 Most Common Crimes in London

1) Burglary

2) Theft

3) pickpocketing and shoplifting

4) Criminal damage and vandalism

5) Robbery

6) Car- or vehicle-related theft

7) Knife/Sharp Instrument Offences

8) Employee theft and work violence

9) Misuse or abuse of property and property snatching

10) anti-social behaviour

We Stop Crimes Before they Happen

Every premise, regardless of its function, can be vulnerable to different types of risks, especially when it is unsecure. Criminals are always on the lookout for any residential or commercial properties that lack adequate protection measures to safeguard valuables that are found on them.

After identifying any weak access points, burglars, like any other criminal offender, will take every opportunity to take possession of your assets and properties. This simply means that without adequate security and protection protocols in place to safeguard your premise, you risk going through the misfortune and uncertainties brought by criminal offenders when they target your premise. Contact us now to find out which options are available to secure your properties and assets.


Security Guards | Active Crime Stoppers

At Metropolitan Security Services, we take on the sole responsibility of maintaining continuous security and conducting risk assessments on your premises in search of any potential security breaches. And if any are found, we are tasked with securing every weakness within your security systems, making sure criminals never have the slightest opportunity to take possession of your properties and assets. We are a local London security guard company that provides local London security guard officers in line with established British standards.

On a 24-hour basis, we offer certified, qualified, insured, skilled, and the most experienced SIA-licenced guards. Door supervisors, CCTV operators, manned or static security guards, event security, vacant property inspectors, crime stoppers, alarm responders, video surveillance operators, traditional patrols, mobile patrols, key holding services, the unlocking and locking of premises, reception security, canine security as well as licenced dog handlers, and free security consultations, among others, are among the services offered.

Get In Touch

Get in touch now.  Consult with our security experts for free and take advantage of our generous offer, where you will get free security and risk assessments as well as detailed reports. These reports include every security measure required to eliminate and control crime and every criminal-related activity on your premises. Further, we can schedule free one-on-one meetings with local clients and business executives in London. We do this so as to develop unique business security solutions designed to address specific security requests.

Tackling Theft and Burglary in London

 Before we outline some of the available options for businesses and individuals to tackle theft and burglary on their premises, we should point out the most common types of burglary and theft in London. Burglars can steal your valuables, seriously damage your property, and leave you with large repair bills.

 1) Car theft or vehicle theft

 2) Pickpocketing and shoplifting

 3) table surfing

 4) Property snatching (especially on residential estates)

5) House Burglary

6) Business and Commercial Burglary

7) Common theft

8) Employee theft

Car Theft Prevention and Control

According to the Metropolitan Police, there has been an increase in reports of car and vehicle-related theft in London. Despite having your vehicle outside criminal hotspots, most vehicles have been targeted by criminals in parking areas and on residential and commercial premises alike. For this reason, it is crucial to make sure you only park your vehicles in areas where reliable security measures are in place, especially when going for public parking options.

As for residential estate managers and business owners, working together with security guarding companies in London like Metropolitan Security Services is one of the most recommended options. Security guards in parking areas will assume the responsibility of patrolling, inspecting, monitoring, controlling, and eliminating any unusual and suspicious activities, thereby safeguarding and protecting vehicles from theft.

car theft

Controlling Shoplifting and Pocket Picking | Retail Security

 Whenever a retail business has pocket pickers and shoplifters loitering around their premises unmonitored and uncontrolled, this means the retailer is jeopardising the security and safety of its clients as well as the business’s reputation. Both shoplifters and pocket pickers can damage a retail business’s financial and social status at the same time. But the presence of security guards on site, serving as an extra eye for the business, comes with a lot of advantages for both a retailer and its clients.

Everyone prefers to shop where they feel safe and secure as compared to an environment where they feel threatened or exposed to harm. At Metropolitan Security Services, we offer a wide range of retail security options for different retail businesses in London. If you are a retailer, then get in touch now and check out the available options that we have to control and eliminate shoplifters and pocket pickers on your premises.

House Burglary

 Theft of this nature, also referred to as residential burglary, occurs in residences where burglars are drawn to target homes and apartments. Crowbars, lock picks, screwdrivers, and other prying tools are frequently used by thieves to break open doors and windows with locks that are already weak.

It is unfortunate that when house burglars gain access to your home for the first time, they are likely to repeat this offence more often in the future. A house burglar can target both small and large residential establishments whenever they identify any security weakness.

Having security protocols in place to safeguard and protect your home will effectively control and deter criminal offenders, as well as discourage them from targeting your house. The most recommended options would be making use of CCTVs, alarm systems, and securing entry points, as well as having security guards patrol and inspect your residential premises around the clock.

Depending on the nature of your residential premises, there are many options available to eliminate and control house burglars. Get in touch with our security experts to determine which security solutions will work best for safeguarding your specific residential premise.


Like house burglars, common thieves, and certain employees will target businesses and commercial properties to commit their intended crimes.

Most businesses have suffered at the expense of these offenders as a result of their forced entries; they vandalise properties despite taking possession of valuable assets. The reality of a business going through a financial setback after being attacked by these criminals is undeniable. As the business would have to cover the costs of repairing damaged property as well as replacing and recovering stolen assets. But all these uncertainties can be prevented and controlled when a business safeguards its premises with adequate security.

Contact Us

Every business is unique, and we understand why each business requires a unique security solution designed to address specific security requests. Get in touch now, contact us to find out which options are available to secure your properties and assets.

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