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Crime Control, Security Assessment, and Risk Mitigation  

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Crime Control, Security Assessment, and Risk Mitigation 

As we work hard to create safe living and working conditions for businesses and individuals alike, we collaborate with the police, local authorities, and the community to tackle anti-social crime, violent crime, theft, burglary, vandalism, improper use of property, workplace violence, and knife crimes, among others.

Crime is unacceptable and must be eliminated or controlled at all costs. Which is why at Metropolitan Security Services we work 24 hours a day to safeguard businesses, properties, and assets in London. We prioritise the provision of commercial and residential security services, even on short notice.

From CCTV and surveillance camera monitoring to immediate alarm response, manned or static security guards, door supervisors, licenced SIA security officers, professional dog handlers, canine security, event security, reception security, vacant property inspections, mobile patrols, key holding, locking and unlocking premises, among others, we offer comprehensive security guarding services to guarantee crime control and elimination.

How to Get Rid of Crime as Well as the Criminal Mind-Set 

Criminals are smart in their own ways. Before committing any crime, every criminal will search for possible vulnerabilities on your business or residential premises. After identifying weaknesses or any unsecured access points, criminals will breach every possible weak security protocol to commit their criminal activities, be it theft, burglary, trespassing, vandalism, unauthorised use of property, or any other crime.

But here are some facts to consider when getting rid of crime to safeguard, and protect your properties, businesses, and assets.

immediate response to security emergencies

  1. Understanding why, how, and when criminals are likely to target your business or private premise 

  2.  Perform security assessments in search of weak access points and enhance your security.

  3.  Always make sure every security monitoring device is fully functional and operational.

  4.  Consult with security experts, and they will assist you in developing a security solution for your requests.

  5.  Hire Metropolitan London Private Security Guard Experts. We handle all your security-related issues, including crime control, security risks, assessments, and enhancements. In addition to free consultations, we schedule free one-on-one meetings with clients and business executives in London. Get in touch now.

The Advantages of Working with a Private Security Guard Company in Crime Control

Since criminals will make it their business and profession to search for security vulnerabilities, breach in, and gain access to exploit valuable assets, don’t just opt for general security guards if you are looking to secure assets with guaranteed peace of mind service.

You must hire security guards trained with the capabilities of using security intelligence to identify and take control of any suspicious activities that threaten the security of your properties or assets. 

The advantages of working with a registered private security guard company like Metropolitan Security Services include:

SIA-licensed Security Guards

  •  Having SIA-licensed, qualified, certified, insured, skilled, and experienced security guard officers handle every security issue around the clock is no doubt quality security and protection for your valuable properties and assets.

 Immediate Response to Security Emergencies 

  • We strictly adhere to the policy of responding to every security alert with immediate action, whether it’s a security alarm, CCTV notifications, or any other security alert raised by security monitoring devices.

  • Since we have multiple teams of security professionals consistently working around the clock in London, you can rest assured that the security of your assets, business, and properties will never be compromised.

Reliable Security Guarding Service

  • We have been in the security industry for more than three decades and have more than 60 years of combined experience among our security professionals. We have closely worked with multiple businesses from diversified industries in providing retail security, construction security, office security, warehouse security, industrial security, healthcare facility security, and educational facility security services, among others. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With such experience, we boldly understand and know why each client deserves a bespoke security guarding service, specifically designed to address their unique security request. We consult with every business and client to tailor unique security solutions.

This process will involve ongoing free security and risk assessments in the evaluation of every security measure implemented to secure all our clients’ interests and assets. After security assessment, detailed reports of security protocols required to enhance your security, we take sole responsibility for providing a security solution relevant to your needs. 

24-hour emergency security response, even on short notice.

Why risk losing when we offer adequate security services?

Don’t waste time or risk losing any of your valuable properties, businesses, or assets by leaving them vulnerable to any form of danger, threat, or harmful environment. Secure them now.

Besides, when you safeguard your assets, business, or property, you will save yourself from the uncertainties brought by financial setbacks as a result of theft, vandalism, or burglary.

Security is also one of the most recommended options to reduce insurance premiums and control unnecessary expenditures. Security guards are always an extra eye for any business, always on the lookout to eliminate anything that might have a negative impact on it, which is no doubt one of the most crucial concerns of any business.

Whether you are looking for a once-off security service, a short-term security guarding solution, or a long-term private security service, look no further than Metropolitan Security Services. We are a London security guard company dedicated and committed to the provision of first-rate residential and commercial security solutions. Even on short notice, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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