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Adequate Security Throughout the Year

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

begin your year with adequate security

Comprehensive Security Guard Services in London (Haringey)

Every year brings change, new ideas, and better ways of doing things. As we share season’s greetings and new year’s compliments, we will outline the importance of having adequate security throughout the year. 

We offer first-class commercial and residential security services 24 hours a day, with 100% guaranteed peace of mind. All our security guard officers are SIA licensed, certified, insured, qualified, skilled, and experienced enough to manage any security situation.

We Are Always on Guard.

It goes without question that crime is at its peak at the beginning of every year. Burglary and theft are the most common crimes carried out by criminal fortune seekers to sustain their lives as the new year commences. Criminals are always on the lookout for opportunities to breach vulnerable properties or premises and commit their crimes. Without adequate security protocols, you risk losing your properties and assets to the misfortune of vandalism, theft, and burglary.


For more than 65 years, we have been protecting residential estates, commercial properties, hotels, schools, retailers, construction sites, and warehouses, among other businesses, from diversified industries.

Our goal is to provide adequate security guard services and solutions to businesses and individuals. We consult with each client to develop a bespoke security solution designed to address their specific security requirements. We are always on guard and provide comprehensive security guard services, which include manned security guards, mobile patrols, alarm responses, lock and unlocks, key holding services, vacant property inspections, event security, reception security, CCTV monitoring, and canine security, among others.

Advantages Of Having Adequate Security

Before we outline the advantages of having sufficient security solutions, it is necessary that we classify the difference between general security and adequate security. Having any security measures in place to protect properties and assets is considered “general security,” whereas adequate security is the customization of general security services to be sufficient. Now with that being said, the next questions are:

1) Do You Have an Adequate Security Solution?

2) How do you know whether your security solutions are sufficient?

4) Where do you find an adequate security service?

5) How do you secure your assets and properties with reliable service throughout the year?

Free Consultations

If you are looking for answers to any of the above questions, or maybe you are in need of assistance with any security-related issues, then search no further than Metropolitan Security Services. Consult with our security experts for free; we are always available 24 hours a day at your service to offer assistance.

We adhere to the policy of responding to every security request with immediate action, even on short notice. Besides, we offer free security and risk assessments as we evaluate the appropriateness of your current security measures.

Following assessments, we provide detailed security reports with specifics for all of your security requests. We can schedule free one-on-one meetings with all local business executives and clients in London (specifically, Haringey) in addition to reports and assessments. Get in touch now.

Sense of security and peace of mind

  1. Adequate security is essential for business owners, as it guarantees 100% peace of mind.

  2. Adequate security assists in the reduction of insurance premiums.

  3. Adequate security mitigates risks including vandalism, theft, and assault.

Knowing that you have appropriate security solutions to safeguard your residential and commercial premises means you will never have to worry about responding to late-night duty calls. Spare your staff and family the risk of responding to any security duty request; when you work with Metropolitan Security Services, our security guard will take on the sole responsibility of patrolling your premises at regular intervals in search of any potential crimes or security breaches. The presence of our uniformed security guards actively monitoring unusual activities on your premises is one of the most effective crime-deterrent solutions.


At Metropolitan Security Services, we go beyond just protecting assets and properties; we offer security guard officers with excellent interpersonal skills. All our security guards go through consistent emotional intelligence training to enhance their knowledge and skills to deal with any security issue with as little disruption as possible. Our team has managed to maintain a resounding reputation based on proven aptitude, a clean appearance, courteous manners, and their ability to manage the most testing security situations. 

The Importance of Time And Communication in Security

Communication is an important aspect of security; when there is a lack of proper communication within any security system, that security automatically becomes inadequate. Every security guard we provide is capable of relating, engaging, and communicating appropriately when they are carrying out their duties. For businesses’ security guards will actively improve your customer care services with their excellent communication skills while they protect your businesses from any threatening environment. In residential estates, security guards will actively use interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence to identify, inspect, and monitor any unusual activities within these residential premises.

Time is one of the most crucial aspects of security, which will determine its adequacy. Whenever a security alert emerges, a security guard is expected to respond immediately and attend to the alert. Alarm systems, CCTV cameras, and other security devices can generate security alerts, but these devices cannot take action to deal with security threats.

Metropolitan Security Services understands that delays in responding to a security alert can lead to the loss of property and valuable assets. Which is why we adhere to the policy of responding to every security alert with immediate action to safeguard properties and assets, even on short notice.

If your current security systems are lacking in their response time, this means you have an inadequate security solution. Do not risk losing any valuable assets due to poor protection response time. Supplement your security systems with our immediate response services and enjoy the guarantee of adequacy within your security systems.

Comprehensive Security Solutions

Metropolitan Security Services offers a comprehensive range of security services for private clients and businesses. We have worked with event managers, retails businesses, construction companies, corporate offices, educational centres, parks, shopping malls, and more. The services we provide include:

a happy safe and secure new year with 24 hour protection every day from metropolitan security services

  1. Manned/static guarding security services

  2. Mobile patrol services

  3. Keyholding services

  4. Alarm response services

  5. Event security services

  6. Lock and unlocks services

  7. Reception security services

  8. Canine security service

  9. And more…

Get in touch now for a tailored security guard service designed to your specific needs. Consult with security experts from Metropolitan Security Services for free.

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