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3 Reasons to Hire a Security Company for Your Music Festival

Whether for personal celebrations or for raising brand awareness, musical festivals are an excellent way to get your event remembered by all. Designed to show off your brand, raise money for charity, or celebrate a big personal milestone, hosting a music festival can require a lot of planning.


With the right security company, you can ensure that your event goes as smoothly as you would like. Learn three reasons why you should consider hiring a professional security company for your music festival.

Preventing Illegal Activity

When hosting an event, one of the biggest concerns is worrying about illegal activity happening on-site while you have responsibility for the premises. Illegal substances can be smuggled into unmanned festival entrances, where they are freely shared throughout the event.


Preventing substances and weaponry from entering the festival area is simple with event security services, who can control who might be admitted after searching their bags before entering.

Controlling the Crowds

As music festivals often take place in large outdoor areas, it’s vital to ensure that the crowd queueing for the venue remains organised and controlled. Without proper control, queues can become chaotic and overwhelming, which can result in complaints from neighbouring locals about your event.


Similarly, parking solutions can quickly become a problem at music festivals. With several cars needing a space to park, areas can quickly become unorganised, leading to damage and disruption to the surrounding environment. With a professional security company, a team will monitor the parking arrangements and politely guide drivers to the next available space.


In some instances, an emergency may take place. In this situation, it’s essential to have an easy way of controlling the crowd to ensure that everyone is removed from the site safely and carefully to prevent any further issues.

Addressing Anti-social Behaviour

It’s important to get an anti-social activity addressed as soon as possible, to prevent it from snowballing into a much worse situation. Anti-social behaviour includes disturbing or causing trouble to a particular person, community or environment, and can result in the need for police intervention in worst-case scenarios. Security guards can be employed to quickly prevent any anti-social behaviour from worsening.


Trespassing can also be included as anti-social behaviour, where the person has entered a space without permission. Luckily, by hiring a team of security guards, trespassing can be monitored, to prevent it from occurring and unwanted guests from granting access. We would recommend also including a system of wristbands or hand-stamping, helping to distinguish between welcome and unwelcome visitors easily.

Our Security Company

Serving Greater London and beyond, Metropolitan Security Services can meet your event security needs with ease. From licensed dog handlers to security officers, we are entirely equipped with the quantity of security needed for any size of music festival.  We have a reputation for exceeding our customers’ expectations, helping them to achieve their ideal event, which will be spoken about for years to come.


Visit our website to learn more about us and our services at Metropolitan Security Services. Alternatively, please get in touch with our team directly today for more information.

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