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3 Common Event Security Risks and How to Mitigate Them

Updated: Feb 20

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All events pose some kind of security risk if not handled properly. There is a lot to consider, whether you are organising a music festival for 20,000 people or a business conference for 100. The security company you hire will handle all the details from security personnel to bag checks. However, it’s a good idea to be aware of certain security risks to safely run your event without a hitch.

Here are three common event security risks.

Crowd management

Crowds are one of your biggest concerns when your event is selling a lot of tickets. However, no one wants an event with no crowd or atmosphere, but knowing how to control it is important. You’ll need to consider how to manage the public on your event site and how you’ll manage them coming and going. 

Planning is the best piece of advice so you can capture a buzzing atmosphere safely.  Make sure to consider accessibility, clear signage, entry/exit strategies, emergency routes and preventing crowd pushing.


Children at large events are a big safety concern so you must put some thought into the planning. Children can get lost or injured if not given safe places to reunite with guardians or dedicated children areas. 

Risk assessments will need to be completed for kids play areas and you’ll need background checks for any staff working with them. You should also check the legislation around children and photography in your country.

Transport and traffic

Some events can provide transport to the event which is a great way to minimise the congestion on site. For all other traffic, you need to organise marshalling, signage, parking and dedicated pedestrian access. You’ll need to properly map out and assess risk areas and put appropriate plans in place so that you’ll have peace of mind when the event comes around.

Event Security Services From Metropolitan Security

Looking for security personnel services or event security services? The team at Metropolitan Security are here to help. We can provide you with bespoke event security services 365 days a year, helping with everything from welcoming your guests, checking bags, ticket inspection, crowd management and more.

Our services are adaptable to your event, so we can assist with everything from weddings to political conventions! Get in touch to learn more about how we can help your event be the best it can be.

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