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24-hour Emergency Security Guard Service in London

“A building in Stoke Newington, London N16, partially collapses, but thankfully nobody is hurt.” They needed a full team of security professionals around the clock, and Metropolitan Security was called into action. “Assisting and directing members of the public in collaboration with the Metropolitan Police, who were an absolute pleasure to work with,”

Security emergencies can occur without notification, and at Metropolitan Security Services, we take sole responsibility for immediately responding to every security request. With our 24-hour security services, we can safeguard and protect assets or properties even on short notice. Just like the recent incident in Stoke, Newington, London N16, we work together with the police, emergency services, local authorities, and the community to create 100% secure environments.

London Metropolitan Security Guards in Action

All our security guards are trained to use their emotional intelligence and strong interpersonal skills when dealing with security situations. If you are looking to handle any security-related issue swiftly with as little disruption as possible, then look no further than metropolitan security guards. We constantly train our security officers to enhance their skills and techniques in the security industry, as well as keep them up to date with the latest security technological systems. Our team is among the best since we provide certified, qualified, insured, and experienced security guards in London.

London Metropolitan Security Guards in Action

We work together with construction companies, property owners and managers, housing associations, event managers, retail businesses, corporate offices, educational centres, parks, and shopping malls, among others. Every business is unique, and every business requires unique security solutions, which is why we consult with each client to develop and offer bespoke security solutions.

Free Consultation

You can consult with our security experts for free and get assistance with any security-related issues. We adhere to the policy of responding to every security request with immediate action, even on short notice. While we offer free security and risk assessments evaluating the appropriateness of your current security measures, we also schedule free one-on-one meetings with all local business executives and clients in London. On a 24-hour basis, the Metropolitan Security Team is constantly available to assist and discuss any security-related matters. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Commercial and Residential Security Services

commercial and residential security services

It is our duty to offer first-class commercial and residential security services 24 hours a day, with 100% guaranteed peace of mind. Providing adequate security guard services and solutions to businesses and individuals throughout the year is one of our top priorities.

Metropolitan Security Services is always on guard and provides comprehensive security guard services, which include manned security guards, mobile patrols, alarm responses, lock and unlocks, key holding services, vacant property inspections, event security, reception security, CCTV monitoring, and canine security, among others.

Professional Security Personnel

Knowing that you have appropriate security solutions to safeguard your residential and commercial premises means you will never have to worry about responding to late-night duty calls. Spare your staff and family the risk of responding to any security duty request. Our team also prides itself on proven aptitude, a clean appearance, courteous manners, and their ability to manage the most testing security situations. While satisfaction is guaranteed, you don’t have to worry about any medical emergencies or fire emergencies. 

Every Metro Security officer is equipped with enough knowledge and skills to control the situation while waiting for the emergency services to arrive. When you have professional security personnel with adequate training, skill, knowledge, and experience patrolling, monitoring, and securing your business and residential premises, criminals cannot attempt to attack your properties and assets.

Adequate Security Service

It is possible that your current security solutions might become inadequate for various reasons. Metropolitan Security Services provides a wide range of security solutions to supplement and enhance your existing security systems. Contact us now and consult with our supplement security experts for free.

They will help you set up all the necessary security protocols required to supplement your existing security systems. Furthermore, they can provide you with a free risk and security assessment session for your specific business as well as provide you with detailed security reports. If you’d like to meet with one of our security experts one-on-one. Contact us right away, and we’ll set up a free meeting for you.

Adequate Security Service

Making use of security monitoring devices like CCTVs, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, biometric authenticators, and alarm systems is among the most effective ways of securing assets and properties. These technological security measures would provide an excellent monitoring, detection, and inspection system to enhance the safety and protection of residential and commercial premises.

However, the facts will always be that these technological security monitoring devices require the attention of a professional security guard in order to perform optimally and guarantee 100% safety. Metropolitan security guards have an excellent reputation in London for working with security monitoring devices and technologies.

Additional Security Service

If you already have professionally licenced SIA security guards and security monitoring systems as your primary security options, those are the most recommended options for quality protection. But if you’re looking to protect large estates, multiple properties, or huge industrial firms, supplementing your security with mobile patrols and security dogs is one of your best options.

The presence of marked security vehicles constantly patrolling your residential or industrial facility will deter criminal and potential crime-related activities at your facilities. While the presence of highly trained security dogs accompanied by professionally licenced security dog handlers will take the security of your residential or industrial facility to the next level, it will also send a clear message to criminals not to easily target your properties and assets.

Contact Us

Whether you are looking for a long-term, short-term, or once-off security solution, we provide a bespoke security service tailored to address your specific security requirements. While we guarantee a top-notch service, we work closely with you in constant consultation. We hand-pick the best security personnel as well as the service that is tailored to your needs. Get in touch now to consult with our security experts for free.

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